Building up

It’s so incredibly important to recognize integrity, honesty, and Truth! Humility opens your eyes and keeps your heart in the right direction and perspective! It’s time to stop making it about how many you have around you and pay attention to who is really building you up! Let’s examine this moment together as we discuss what it really means to build up.

How often have you looked at who has been a true source of encouragement in your life? How about looking at who are just “yes people” and those who are present to bring you up higher. Analyzing these things is a very healthy part of each of our lives. “Yes people,” may last but for a moment and not allow you to be challenged to higher heights because they may like the way you are currently or may be afraid of what may occur if they disagreed.

Having the right people in your life at the right time propels you to another level or even possibly to multiple levels higher. Would you agree that there is so much more that we each can attain? It is good to value what you have currently and greatly appreciate it now but with the understanding that there is still so much more ahead. There seems to be always more to learn and so much to do and that should bring great expectation to each of us as to the fact we can still learn and do so much. Be grateful for the handful that have been the true source of support and appreciate those who have been present with you and don’t be overly concerned if you don’t have a large crowd around you.

I know personally, I have had several experiences with multiple people in various settings and with an excitement that God is taking me to another level. Yes, some of my times have been rather trying, but it was even in those moment s that I have come to recognize there were lessons to be learned and things that I needed to be released from that were just not beneficial. It’s amazing what you can learn from your various experiences once you have paused enough to see it for what it truly was. We at times can fight for things that we actually need to release because they have not been anything to build us up but may be what has hindered growth or have torn us down.

How about taking time to examine where you are today and accepting what you may have to release and change in your life. Once you have done so, you may begin to sense a freedom you have not experienced. You may recognize how quickly doors open suddenly that you have waited for years on. But also remember to recognize and appreciate the few have been there all along with you.

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