It’s A New Day

If you keep comparing yesterday to today than you are living in the past. Take a moment to decide whether you will live with only what yesterday was. Instead do what you can today with hope for an even better tomorrow.

Every new day brings with it hope and a chance for change in some area. When you wake up with a new attitude about your life, you have decided to fulfill plans God has intended for you. Otherwise, you may be getting in the way because of a misconception that it needs to stay the way it was even if it was not the best. Why make a choice that can lead to more pain, disappointments and away from God’s best?

If you can’t let go then you are unwilling to walk out God’s plans for your life. Our stubbornness can lead to hardness in our hearts. It can cause us to be unchanging and unbending. When we do these things we are causing ourselves to be held back. As much as we may find it reasonable based on our circumstances and disappointments, we are still mostly hurting and limiting ourselves.

Too many of us hold on to things that we must get rid of. We hold it as if somehow it will be the same as it was or perhaps even turn out better. But if you think about it, what are you doing when you allow this. For the most part you are reliving what you need to put a stop to and get past. Even if it was good at some point, it is not like that now or maybe it just ended and you just have to move on now. Whatever it is, why not be totally honest about it and choose to make necessary steps toward a new path with different results.

Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t allow yourself to be held back because you can’t believe there can be a better way. With God on your side, there is always a better way. He has His best waiting for you and desires to continuously bring you forward and higher than you have been before. Decide that what you had is done and be ok with it. Embrace God’s will for your life.

Some of our hardest days can lead to better tomorrows when we learn from them. It is not always fair what we face in life but there are things we can grow from. Yes, there are times; you can question the cause of where you are. How did you get here? But it only gets clearer when you can be honest about all these things. So don’t make it about New Year resolutions but take a moment to decide that you are moving past yesterday into a better tomorrow one step at a time with God on your side.

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