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Pastor Natalie | February 11, 2021

It is my passion to be an encouragement to as many as I can, both in speech and in writing as a blogger. I genuinely like to include real life moments that will inspire others. Writing these moments honestly can bring support and insight to others.  It would be great to have others to be a guest blogger and inspire others too with some of their real life moments. I would ask for at least a 300-500 word count minimum requirement.

I ask that you don’t use adult language, talk about politics, violence, and sexual content in your post. I also ask that you keep your topics on point to encourage others.

Please note there is no compensation for your guest blog post but you will be given free promotion for being featured on my blog. Additionally, I will share your post as a guest blogger on my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest).

Please note that not every submission as a guest blogger will be accepted and must first be reviewed by me before being published and if necessary edited on my blog

For more information to be a guest blogger email me:  

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