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Here, I wanted you to find real-life stories from current events, news stories and testimonials. It is in these real-life moments that I believe we can find encouragement as we ‘examine this moment’ together.

It amazes me how often we can see and hear miraculous stories of hope in the mist of tragedy in real-life moments daily! It is important that we see these things often to receive and have hope and to gain proper prospective for each of our lives. I believe God does not leave any of us hopeless!


Young “Zion Harvey” inspires me

In this recent story of Zion Harvey you find a young nine year old who has received a recent double hand transplant a year ago. It is an inspirational story bringing us to recognize that we can learn so much from a young child. (Read Zion’s story at People Magazine)

Wow, this story touches me greatly as I know it does so many!! To know that this young boy who has had to face so much is so strong, upbeat and positive and taking it all in stride. He accepts his journey and believed the drs. who told him they will try all they could to attempt at surgically giving him two hand transplants!

This ‘real-life moment ‘displays hope, strength and pure tenacity of faith and I ask you to ‘examine this real-life moment’ with me! When I heard Zion express, ‘try everything before you just give up and quit;’ these words struck such an incredible high chord with me as this is something I like to encourage others in so often. Whenever you find yourself in a major battle in life, it can be rather difficult to see past the moment you find yourself in; but GOD!!! Truth is perspective will affect what you do in the battle and how you move forward.

Zion, who lost his hands and feet at the age of 2 due to staph infection, had great support and encouragement around him; especially his mother. Considering this, makes you aware of the fact that fighting battles alone can seem impossible along with a feeling of defeat. But when you consider who is on your side and who is walking with you, you can gain a supernatural strength to keep moving forward and fight ‘the good fight of faith;’ pushing past the obvious pain, hurt and disappointment with a renewed sense of confidence and trust.

Take time to read and examine this real-life moment and be encouraged! You do not have to choose to quit before trying everything else possible first! Let me hear your thoughts about this and share this encouragement with others.

Source: People Magazine (

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2 thoughts on “Real Life Moments

  1. Ive never heard of this story before, as a marathoner this is real and happening glad a doctor runner was able to help her. It only means that runners will be there for each other no matter what.

  2. I have seen an accident and a man passing out due to shock. None of us standing there was having the courage to attend to that person. Some passengers from a bus took him to the bus stop. Police came and took him to the hospital. He did survive. This doctor is certainly good sent.

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