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As I came upon this story, I felt I needed to share it too. To see another person in a race make sure their first place competitor was able to finish spoke volumes to me. This is not a common practice whether in a marathon or in our everyday lives. Let’s take a moment to discuss further.

The common practice of so many is to outdo the other. Let’s be honest, there is a lack of empathy and even a lack of encouragement of what you are accomplishing. Oftentimes, there is a sense of competition as you would see in a race. This real life example in this marathon demonstrated a uncommon compassion and selflessness.

It is with this in mind, that we can be encouraged to do the same. Would you, if you had the opportunity? What if that was you stumbling at the end, so close to the finish; would you appreciate someone’s help? If you are a believer in the Lord then you may want to be honest about where your heart is. Some would immediately say, of course I would do the same but truth be told there are so many right now around us in need of help and yet we are not doing the same.

Struggles do not have to be broadcast to be evident; we just have to become more sensitive and aware of those around us; especially if it is not obvious like in this race. Let’s consider how we can encourage and build others up in this New Year and stop ourselves from tearing others down.

Lastly, this runner was so determined to finish the race before her; she confessed she would do what it takes to accomplish it. This is another example of tenacity, endurance, someone who finishes what they start, faith, and perseverance. She did not let anything get in the way of finishing especially with the finish line so close.
Let me know how this blog and story encouraged you. I love hearing from my readers! Let me know your story of how you helped someone or perhaps you are that runner enduring much right now. Share my blog with others and bring encouragement too.

Source: Inside Edition

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2 thoughts on “Real Life Moments

  1. Ive never heard of this story before, as a marathoner this is real and happening glad a doctor runner was able to help her. It only means that runners will be there for each other no matter what.

  2. I have seen an accident and a man passing out due to shock. None of us standing there was having the courage to attend to that person. Some passengers from a bus took him to the bus stop. Police came and took him to the hospital. He did survive. This doctor is certainly good sent.

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