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How would you respond 11-26-18

Recently, with the holidays coming up, I was asked, “What would you like?” This question really hit me in a different way when asked. I paused and considered all that I already have and started to think, what would I really like? Let’s take a quick moment to discuss, how would you respond?

As I thought more about this question, I sincerely felt like crying. You may ask, “why?” First of all, it came from someone very dear to me and secondly it is a very hard question. It also felt as though, God was asking how would you respond? He is so faithful to supply ALL my needs and has gone above and beyond to give me the desires of my heart very often even if I had to wait for it.

The more I think of this question, it also touched me because it was expressed as, “I do not want to just give you just anything. I want to give you something that you would really value and appreciate.” I have taken time with this and still need to get back to this person. More than material things that are here today and gone tomorrow, I sincerely want more of God in my life and opportunities to do more for Him. I will share with this person my heart, but I will also share some things that they can consider. I can honestly say that because I was asked like this, I am already very blessed and would greatly appreciate whatever this person will choose to get for me. I love and appreciate cheerful givers who do not look for anything in return. That to me, is a sincere heart of giving.

Let me hear your stories. Share how would you answer this question. Maybe at one time you would have answered one way and now maybe you would answer differently. Remember sharing your experiences with others brings an encouragement to their hearts too.

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  1. Ditto, my Love, Ditto. To my beautiful wife, yes we were so nervous, excited and extremely happy all at the same time that our wedding day had come. I, too, would do it again. I love you!

    1. Thank you my love for your comment and responding to my blog about our special day and celebration of our 25 years together! Thankful and look forward to many more years together! ~Pastor Natalie

    1. Thank you for you comments. Feel free to share my blogs with others as an encouragement to them too. ~Pastor Natalie

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