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I want to take a quick moment to express that when you have a special day whether it’s a birthday or wedding anniversary please take some time to appreciate it, embrace it and celebrate! For me, this year holds a special anniversary because it’s my 25th wedding anniversary. I am honestly not trying to sound too sentimental but I must admit it is a lot of years of life with someone. I can sincerely remember the day I walked down the aisle to meet up with my future husband at the altar to say our vows. We both were so nervous, excited and extremely happy all at the same time that our day had come. We were young and yet felt so ready to join together as a covenant married couple in the sight of God and man. That experience left such a precious memory for us both but here we are now 25 years later and I can admit without hesitation that I would do it again. Although, we have walked through some incredibly stormy times together, I cannot see myself spending that much of my life with anyone else. I do not regret the day I made all of those promises to my husband and very best friend. It is a choice to get married and it is a more strong choice to stay together!

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  1. Ditto, my Love, Ditto. To my beautiful wife, yes we were so nervous, excited and extremely happy all at the same time that our wedding day had come. I, too, would do it again. I love you!

    1. Thank you my love for your comment and responding to my blog about our special day and celebration of our 25 years together! Thankful and look forward to many more years together! ~Pastor Natalie

    1. Thank you for you comments. Feel free to share my blogs with others as an encouragement to them too. ~Pastor Natalie

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