Let’s take a moment together to welcome guest blog writer: Fransic verso from Querianson blog who will be discussing turning, “Quotes into a way to motivative ourselves.”

Thank you Let’s take a moment for having me as a guest. When I started working on myself and trying to achieve goals to keep myself motivated was by reading quotes. However, some people didn’t think it would be possible. Some people think there are just words. Well, here is the best way to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself.

I would like to share some of what I learned to help you. Hopefully, you will be able to use quotes to help you stay motivated. Some tips that I followed made me stay motivated during challenging times. If you are already getting something from them. Share with us your feedback about these tips, and if you want to add something to them.

The best way to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself

Let’s talk a little about quotes before we know how to let them motivate us. I’m sure a lot of us already know them and read some of them on social media. Nowadays, so many people share quotes on social media.

They are words and phrases that were mentioned based on a moment or experience. However, the question is how to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself? Because a lot of people might read them, but few can benefit from them.

The quotes mean a statement or words that are repeated which was said by an author or a speaker. The internet is full of them by a lot of great and famous people in the past and present. I used to read them a lot of times growing up.

There are a lot of types of quotes, motivational quotes, and any aspect of life. I’m sure a person has said something in every aspect of life. It’s just how you get those words and make good use of them. So, if you want to try quotes to help you. You can check on the internet about quotes in whatever aspect of life you want.

Well, for me, I used to focus more on motivational quotes from successful people who work hard. I always like to work hard to achieve my goals, and it’s not an easy road. We can pretty much find motivational quotes anywhere now.

When I say “the best way,” it involves a few steps that you can do in order to get it. These steps that I use as well to help keep myself motivated during difficult times.


These steps in motivating yourself come together as one at the end. That means you need to follow them all. However, if you want to follow one or more, that would still help as well. The more you follow, the better results you will get at the end.

Anyway, I think that’s all about quotes and now let’s find out how to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself.

1. Read stories of the people who wrote the quotes

We can read the quotes, but some of them we might not understand until we know the story behind them. A lot of people think that they are useless and the author said that based on his/her experience and moments in life.

Reading stories of people with these real life experiences help us in understanding them. It will help you comprehend more of why he/she said that, and how it can help you. You might have similar moments as what the great people in the past went through.

Try to read old stories of great and successful people, even when you don’t need quotes. This way, you will be ready when you need it. Unless you went through a lot of tough situations in life, it will be difficult for you to believe them until you read more about them.

If you don’t believe them and understand them. They are useless to you and won’t help you at all. Research the background of the statement for further context and clarity.

It’s always good to know about how others worked hard and achieve things in life. This will help you as well with the quotes. You can get motivated by reading about their moments and how they dealt with things in life.

2. Understand the meaning of the quotes

Some quotes, you just need to understand the meaning of as I previously mentioned. Each quote has a meaning. When you understand the meaning, you may feel inspired to apply it. It will only make sense to you and help you, if you know it well.

Some people might not understand the meaning and it might be nonsense to them. For that, it won’t help them, anyway. If you want to know how to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself, spend time understanding the meaning of it.

If you are a hard working person, you will know that these quotes came out of nothing. This helps you to give it some time to understand it. However, other people might decide to skip it. I highly recommend that you don’t avoid them.

Sometimes you need to read it more than once to fully understand the meaning. I always do this when I read quotes. It’s normal because the mind will take some time to process it to give you the meaning of it.

You can ask someone if they need an explanation of the meaning of a quote. However, you need to make sure that the person understands more about them for themselves. If you ask the wrong person, it will be a waste of time and energy. That won’t help you at all.

3. Change the way you think of the quotes

One of the most important steps is this one. If you don’t change the way how you think of the quotes, you can never understand it. Therefore, it will be always useless to you, if you want to know how to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself.

This is your first and main important step to take. You will need to change the negative thinking that, ‘it’s nothing,’ especially if you think they are just words. Well, it’s not true because quotes are also wisdom said by great people.

There are times you need to change your thinking. So, try slow and easy until you believe in the quotes and they are not for nothing. They are a way to boost and remind us. Quotes are words to help us understand more about life and any aspect of it.

I would say people who go through a lot in their life would understand more. They are more focused on the deep meaning and not just the words. Also, they have common sense that not everything comes easy.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to change the way you think of something. However, it’s possible, step by step you will make it. It’s important to change if you want to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself. It will help you in your life especially when going through a lot of things.

4. The right quotes, in the right time

Something that I used to do, and it’s a good practice is that I used to read quotes at the right time. If I feel down, I would read quotes that helped me remember and boost my motivation to keep going. It will help you a lot to get the most out of the quotes.

There are a lot of situations in life, and quotes can be good wisdom for you. So, I would recommend that you try it next time and keep doing it. It might not be immediate and that’s normal because it took me a while to experience it right away too. It will be a good way to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself.

Whatever you are going through in life. Try to search for quotes about that and see what famous people say about it. That will give you more perspective about it because it’s not just words. It will help you to turn quotes into a way to motivate yourself.

Don’t read about quotes when you don’t need them or at the wrong time. This will make you hate it more and that’s not what you want. It’s a good time to read quotes correctly at the right time and gets the most out of them when you need them.


You don’t need to necessarily read them. Another suggestion is to watch videos of people saying the quotes and that would be better for some. The videos also have music and that would help a bit to get into the mood of just listening to the quotes.

It’s better for me to listen to the quotes than to read them. That’s what I used to do when I had to get through tough situations in life. It used to help me a lot to get back and stay motivated. If you haven’t done this, I recommend you do it and see how it will be for you.

Here are also some tips to help you with achieving your goals. It will help you with the process of going for what you want in life.

I hope you enjoyed reading Frank’s guest post. Share how you have used ‘quotes to motive yourself.’ Take a moment to checkout Frank’s blog and all his socials.

My name is Frank and I go by Fransic Verso on the internet, started blogging when I was a kid in middle school. I wasn’t so serious when I started for a few years, and I decided to make it my business. I’m the owner of Querianson and I blog about DIY crafts, sharing awesome ideas with everyone. Also, talking about blogging tips and tips for self-development to help other bloggers and people to make blogging and life better and easier. BLOG: QUERIANSON

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