Embracing the Here and Now

We just stepped into another year and I would like to discuss ‘embracing the here and now’ with you. Don’t bring into today what happened yesterday. There are things that you cannot do anything about that occurred yesterday but you can do something about the here and now.

It’s not that you necessarily forget what happened as some of those things may have played a major role in your life. Some may have been very painful places and others may have been due to poor choices made. The important part is to take hold of where you are right now and what you can do today.

Yesterday is gone now and this is the start of a new day. Consider why you made the choices and what you have to do in order to go in a different direction. It’s a great time to be honest with yourself. Think about it, if you cannot be honest with yourself then who are you going to be able to be honest with. Being true to you will cause you to be honest before God. This then becomes the best time to confess all before God and sincerely ask for His help. He promises to answer our humble cries.

Moments like these are so important to thrust us forward toward our future. They are necessary for you to do things differently. When you embrace the here and now, you have come to a place of acceptance about your life. Hope comes into your heart as well as encouragement to walk along a different path. It’s not that you will have all rosy days now but you have an ability to see differently than before. Remember God walks with you because you have invited Him to do so in prayer.

I want to wish you a very Happy New Year! Embrace the here and now and take time to examine this moment with me. Share your stories with me. Let me hear how this blog has encouraged you and what are you embracing here and now.

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