Lessons learned

There are things to be learned every day and important lessons that can be acquired from our experiences. The point is if we remain teachable, we have opportunities to grow. When we pay attention to these everyday involvements, we can see that this is something to learn from. Let’s take a moment to discuss lessons we can learn daily.

Whether it’s your first time learning how to drive, cook, a new job, dating, having a baby, and yes even shopping these are new experiences one can take something away from it. There is a first time for everything whether it’s a big experience or very small one. A baby learns rapidly in their first year alive. But our learning is constant and one must find the importance in each and every experience. When we learn we then share our experiences with others. Yes, some have various perspectives on things while learning but for the most part we each have learned some of the very same things along the way.

When you have negative experiences you recognize the importance of trying to not allow yourself to go through those things again. However, when we have very exciting and wonderful experiences, it’s as if we cannot wait to tell others and have the experience over and over again. Truth is we are learning from both the negative and positive and our reaction will determine what we do with each of these experiences.

Important life lessons are for our own good. We choose whether we will become bitter or better from these life moments. Anyone can try to prepare you for certain life experiences but honestly these become part of your own story as you walk through them yourself. It is amazing how many of us would be influenced by the experiences of others especially when it is someone whom we admire. Whether famous individuals or someone in our immediate inner circle, we are allowing their viewpoints on experiences to impact us. This is understandable but we must recognize some of their involvements could be fabricated or skewed because it is based on their own perspectives of these experiences. However, sharing our experiences can help others as we recognize what was learned in each of the various life lessons.

Each life lesson gives us a point of decision. One can walk through the same things and have a total different story about the experience in life. It is vital for us to really pay attention to these things because we have our own mindset and viewpoints as well. I would love to hear one of your life experiences. Please share your story in the comments area.

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