**Please note I am not giving professional medical advice. Also, this may be a sensitive topic to some readers.**

First, I want to share a little about myself specifically regarding my health journey. I hope to write at least once a month where I share a little more each time with you. It is my hope that it will encourage each of you and bring awareness to some things I believe some may have also gone through. I want to thank you in advance for taking time with me as I share some of my personal moments with you. Let’s take this moment together.

I want to fast forward first to when I had my second child and I began to suffer with some very serious pain in my belly. My newly born baby was only about 2 weeks when this began. I had so much pain it was difficult to take care of my child the way I wanted. I went to the doctor who told me, you probably have an ulcer and should take some Mylanta. Keep in mind, he did not run any tests but just said those words to me. So I took Mylanta, which honestly did NOT work but only made me constipated and feeling even more sick. So I alternated with other things to try to help with the constipation.

What happened next, may really amaze you. Perhaps, you have gone through something similar. I only got worse and was trying to nurse and bond with my baby but it was so difficult. I passed out more than once from the pain. My husband had to rush home from work on several occasions to help me. It was so overwhelming. I made the decision to be seen by a gastrologist and some important tests were run. I found out I had to have immediate surgery. My gall bladder was about to burst because it was so full of stones. I also, had a severe infection in my gut. I was told I could have died if I waited much longer. This so upset me, as I thought of how much suffering I went through. Also, nursing my baby caused him to suffer with severe colic.

Overall, I want to say, I sincerely thank God for His protection over me and my baby through all of this. Although, it was very serious, I was able to get to the bottom of what was really going on in my body. We know when something is off and I want to say please listen to your body.

As I share these health journey moments with you, I want to hear from you. Please let me know if you have also faced similar circumstances. Perhaps you are going through something similar. Sharing your journey can help others too.


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