The Golden Bloggerz Award

The Golden Bloggerz Award

I want to first begin with how completely honored I am to be nominated with the The Golden Bloggerz Award (Yes, there is a “Z” at the end) by both Read her post here and by @RiyahSpeaks Read her post here

To be recognized by other bloggers in the blogging community for me is priceless. Now let’s continue this as I also get to nominate other wonderful bloggers. I really believe it’s important to support each other in the blogging community. Here is more regarding the original creator Chris Kosto of the Golden Bloggerz Award.

The Golden Bloggerz Award – The Rules

  1. Place the award logo on your blog.
  2. Mention the rules.
  3. Thank whomever nominated you and place a link to their website.
  4. Mention the awards creator and add a link to that too.
  5. Tell your audience three things about you.
  6. Answer your nominator’s questions.
  7. Nominate 10-20 people who deserve this award.
  8. Let the nominees know by messaging/commenting on their social media or their blog.
  9. Ask your nominees any five questions that you want.
  10. Share 2-3 links to your best posts

Here are three things about me:

1- I sincerely love God with all my heart and love to serve Him in ministry by bringing encouragement to others both in speech and in writing.

2- Family is very important to me. I believe it’s important to make time no matter how much you have on your plate for the people you love.

3- I enjoy exercising, cooking and art.

Here are my answers to @HeadphonesThoughts questions:

1- What celebrity would you like to play you in a movie?

Wow, there are few I could name but definitely one would be Scarlett Johansson from Marvel’s Black Widow. I so appreciate her strength, precision, compassion, alertness, and ability to take care of herself and others if necessary.

2- If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

I would honestly love to live on a private island with my husband and be able travel to a variety of places bringing encouragement.

3- One interesting fact about you?

An interesting fact about me is that I am a middle child and love it.

4- What is a guilty pleasure movie you love that you know is not a good movie?

Ohhh, not sure honestly which one. Perhaps a guilty pleasure movie would be 1990 “Home Alone.” The only reason I would say it is not a good movie is because the son was left behind when the family leaves for a Christmas vacation.

5- What is one blogging tip you would give to a beginner blogger?

Love this question! One tip I would give to a beginning blogger would be to know this will take a lot of work and time. Make sure you have a plan and stick to it. Write it out. Organize yourself with how many blogs you can successfully write a week and how often you can be on social media both promoting your blog and interacting with others.

Here are my answers to @RiyahSpeaks questions:

1-What is your favorite form of self-care?

This is a great question. My favorite form of self-care is working out. I know this is different but for me taking care of my health physically also helps me spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

2-What is your favorite scent?

One of my favorite scents is from Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Natural Essential Oils-Eucalyptus + Spearmint Stress Relief.

3-Favorite Blogging Memory?

Love this question. One of my favorite Blogging Memories was receiving a comment from a reader that shared they were encouraged and really loved reading my blog and could not wait to read more.

4-What is something you wish you knew before starting a blog?

One thing I do wish I knew before blogging was all the necessary time I would have to put into it for it to be successful. I have a full plate honestly (many things that I do outside of blogging). I take all that I do so seriously and intentionally. I do not like to do things half-heartedly. Over the last year, I intentionally began to put even more effort into my blog and currently am gaining more readers slowly which is a big desire for me.

I hope you liked getting to learn a little more about me.

Here are my Nominations…..

I am honored to nominate the following bloggers…

Growing with Spawn

Victoria St. Michael

The Nutmeg Diaries

This Brits Life

Along Came Rosie

Inspiring Positively

Steph’s Diary

Four Columns of A Balanced Life

Lifestyle Prism

The Sunshine Moms

Now here are my five questions for each one nominated:

1- What do you love the most about blogging?

2- What is your favorite season and why?

3- What song would you play as a theme for your blog?

4- Which movie reflects something you have written about?

5- If there was only one thing you could do again what would that be?

Here are currently my 3 top blogs, take a moment and read each:

1- Growth

2- Be Original


Again thank you and RiyahSpeaks for the nomination. I recommend you to check out their blogs and follow them too.

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